The Global Recovery Network is an innovative internet tool devised to assist in the repossession of collateral. In today's economy, financiers at all levels of the lending industry are in need of reliable, responsive, and professional collateral recovery. connects Finance Institutions with Professional Recovery Specialists pre-qualified to recover collateral nationwide. The capability of our state of the art website multiplies the number of recovery opportunities by reducing time and cost, in turn improving the results of successful, problem-free repossessions.

Collateral information is simply entered into by the principal lien holder. Our internet database lists and sorts the recovery requests, specifically pinpointing pertinent location information on a regional satellite map powered by Google. red flags the last known address or specified information and clearly displays the collateral address, description and tag information.

Recovery Specialists are qualified and classified by their credentials, including proof and amount of bond and insurance, background checks, referrals and a performance rating from They are then classified by a tier system that approves them to view the repossessions they are qualified to recover. Upon access approval, Recovery Specialists are instantly linked to a detailed, simply navigable, satellite mapping system directing them to limitless desired recoveries by entering any nationwide zip code. will improve the economic bottom line for both the Finance Institution and the Recovery Specialist by translating our state of the art system into fast results.

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